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Sisters Cracking Up

Dec 16, 2021

Thinking about making that career change as you round the bend in midlife? So many of us are thinking about it...and doing it! But there's so much to consider before we switch those professional gears.

Career coach extraordinaire Angie Bruhn joins Sisters Cracking Up to discuss what you need to think about as you craft...

Nov 19, 2021

Dreading that convo you know you need to have? We've all been there! Join us as we welcome Confrontationalist Danielle Gibson who will teach you how to "talk turkey" right in time for Thanksgiving!

Confrontation is usually seen as something negative but, what if instead of fearing confrontation and trying to avoid it,...

Oct 24, 2021

Author and humorist Helen Ellis is in the house. And no topic is off-limits! 

We talk professional poker, menopause, friendships, marriage, and the wherewithal it takes to become a successful writer. (Also, if you didn't know that the phrase "bless your heart" has negative connotations, Helen explains why.) 

If you want...

Oct 7, 2021

Our enthusiasm is a little embarrassing, but we are true fangirls of Paul Gilmartin and his podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour. Listen in as Paul shares his own struggles openly and vulnerably -- in an effort to help others move through and beyond their own. 

A well-known comedian and host of the long-running TBS...

Sep 20, 2021

Join us as best-selling author (Sweetbitter, Stray) Stephanie Danler and her sister Christina Mannatt are interviewed together for the very first time.

Danler calls her interview on Sisters Cracking Up, "The best podcast I've ever done."

Danler's memoir, Stray, is one of grave childhood dysfunction which includes a...