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Sisters Cracking Up

Nov 17, 2020

Hair? Meet RevAir! Our lovely, smart, empowered manifester-guest, Debra Isaacson, brought a "crazy idea" at her kitchen table to a revolutionary new product for blow drying hair -- and it's setting the world of haircare on fire. If you've ever had a great idea for a product (haven't we all?) but talked yourself out of it, listen in for inspiration and motivation. 

Debra also names her pick for our Sister List and it's none other than the inimitable Chrissie Hynde. Find out why.

For decades, Debra Isaacson was a “closeted” entrepreneur. While working for blue chip international companies including Omnicom Media Group, BBDO, and Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Debra was always on the lookout for interesting business opportunities and investments. Her “aha” moment came when she learned her brother managed his daughters’ ponytails using his vacuum cleaner. That moment led to a revolutionary product idea which, together with her partners, led to the creation of RevAir, a game-changing hair dryer and brand. Born and bred in the USA, Debra lives in London with her husband, three children, bouncy dog, and aloof cat.