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Sisters Cracking Up

Nov 19, 2021

Dreading that convo you know you need to have? We've all been there! Join us as we welcome Confrontationalist Danielle Gibson who will teach you how to "talk turkey" right in time for Thanksgiving!

Confrontation is usually seen as something negative but, what if instead of fearing confrontation and trying to avoid it, you stepped into it and embraced it directly? 

This is what Danielle Gibson, a Confrontation Expert and Performance Coach, helps her clients do. Danielle's definition of Confrontation is "To deal directly with someone or something you've been avoiding out of fear." Why is it important to learn how to be an expert Confrontationalist? Because that fear is what is holding you back! She partners with clients who feel stuck in a mundane unrewarding cycle to help them break free. The result? They gain a greater sense of awareness, clarity and confidence so they can get what they want, not just what they think they can get. In working through their blocks, they move toward a truly authentic life they can live on their terms.

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