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Sisters Cracking Up

Oct 11, 2023

It's THAT time of life, Sisters. The time when we can choose to live truer to our own selves, or just slog through life telling ourselves the same, tired stories and never making the changes necessary to live more authentically.

Enter Dr. Carolyn Kurle, author of The Guidance Groove: Escape Unproductive Habits, Trust Your Intuition, and Be True. Lucky for us, she has a lot of brilliance to share on what we can do to shift our thinking and behaviors.

According to Dr. Kurle, there's a voice inside you that knows what to do every single time you are faced with a choice. And that voice is your authenticity and your truth. It is your Guidance Groove! 

Listen in and learn how to reject your unproductive grooves -- inadequacy, obligation, scarcity, and unworthiness -- and live a life of honesty, truth, and self-respect.

Dr. Carolyn Kurle is a tenured Biology Professor at the University of California, San Diego, and the author of numerous research articles aimed to improve
conservation strategies for imperiled species and habitats. Her work teaching hundreds of outstanding students at UCSD, many of whom paradoxically struggle to find ease, motivated her to write this book for connecting with your guidance to increase personal authenticity and contentment.

Abby and Julie open the episode discussing plastic surgery, baby showers, and channeling their mom.