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Sisters Cracking Up

Nov 21, 2023

Hey, Sisters. Ever wonder what's actually going on in your body during menopause? And why we can have some really uncomfortable symptoms when we're going through it?

Hot flashes, crankiness, and exhaustion are just some of the things you might experience. Did you know these are all caused by the hormonal changes that accompany this time of life? And that symptoms can show up as early as your 30s?

Did you also know there are tried and true treatments for your symptoms that will help you manage through menopause?

Kate Wells is our guest and she is an expert on all things menopause and hormones. Kate is the co-founder of Parlor Games LLC, a company that specializes in solutions for women's health around menopause and beyond. Women's health is complex -- the hormones that govern much of our lives from puberty to menopause have a huge impact in overall wellness. After menopause, instead of a balanced state, women are often in a state of hormone insufficiency which has a profound impact on their physical, mental, and emotional health. With a line of products supporting women's health and a focus on education, Parlor Games has already changed the lives of thousands of women with theircommitment to science, sisterhood, and solutions. Learn more at

Abby and Julie open the episode discussing what a mother-of-the-groom should wear, the fancy dresses of the 1980s, and hating music.