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Sisters Cracking Up

Oct 7, 2021

Our enthusiasm is a little embarrassing, but we are true fangirls of Paul Gilmartin and his podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour. Listen in as Paul shares his own struggles openly and vulnerably -- in an effort to help others move through and beyond their own. 

A well-known comedian and host of the long-running TBS show, Dinner and a Movie, Paul Gilmartin turned to podcasting in 2011 as a way to work through his own trauma. In a podcast the New York Times calls, "a perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods," Paul's openness and empathy have endeared him to millions of listeners around the world.

This episode contains accounts of personal and sexual trauma which may be disturbing or upsetting to some listeners. It is intended for mature audiences only.