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Sisters Cracking Up

Feb 17, 2023

Hey, Sisters. Interested in a new way to think yourself to a more peaceful and joyful life? We were, too. So, when Julie found the book, Don't Believe Everything You Think: Why Your Thinking is the Beginning and End of Suffering, we knew we had to get Joseph Nguyen on the pod.

Joseph Nguyen's groundbreaking book outlines a radical way to approach the countless thoughts we have every day. We can't control our thoughts, but we CAN change the way we think about them. Why would you want to do that? According to Nguyen, it's because your "thinking" is the root cause of all your emotional suffering. 

Joseph Nguyen is the author of the #1 international bestselling book, Don't Believe Everything You Think, which has been translated into 17+ languages.

He is a writer who helps others realize who they truly are beyond their own thinking and conditioning to live an abundant life free from psychological and emotional suffering.

When he's not busy petting his 3 cats that he's allergic to, he spends the rest of his time writing, teaching, speaking, and sharing timeless wisdom to help people discover their own divinity from within and how they are the answer they’ve been looking for their entire lives.

You may visit his website at for more books, resources, and videos to help you on your journey.

Abby and Julie open the pod by laughing the hardest ever. And that says a lot.