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Sisters Cracking Up

Sep 20, 2021

Join us as best-selling author (Sweetbitter, Stray) Stephanie Danler and her sister Christina Mannatt are interviewed together for the very first time.

Danler calls her interview on Sisters Cracking Up, "The best podcast I've ever done."

Danler's memoir, Stray, is one of grave childhood dysfunction which includes a drug-addicted father who abandons their family when Danler was three, and a secretly alcoholic mother who was eventually disabled by a brain aneurysm before Danler reached true adulthood.

But the story behind the story is the beautiful, complex, unconditional love between herself and her sister, Christina Mannatt. Although their trauma binds them in ways only known to them, they have cobbled together lives of meaning and sense -- with each other at the center.

Danler calls her relationship with her sister, the "defining relationship" of her life.

Listen in as these two deeply-bonded sisters discuss a shared traumatic history and their relationship which has helped heal them both.