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Sisters Cracking Up

Dec 31, 2023

This is NOT your mother's menopause, Sisters! Yes, it is the time of life when you can no longer procreate (Hallelujah to that!), but it's also the time of life to start creating the life YOU want. Don't believe it? Our guest, Julie Gordon White, will surely change your mind. 

Julie Gordon White is an award-winning entrepreneur focused on improving suppportive nutrition and building community for women in midlife and menopause. She is an expert on the intersections of nutritional science and menopause.

Julie is the founder of MenoWell Energy Bars (Bossa Bars). These energy bars are made expressly for women in all stages of menopause to optimize the nutrition our bodies are craving as we go through "the change." They're also one of Oprah's selections as a Best Menopause Product.

Julie is working to redefine and empower the experience of menopause and midlife for women and she herself is a glowing example of midlife reinvention. She believes in facing 50 head-on, pivoting, reinventing, and owning midlife as the best time in life.

Abby and Julie open the podcast discussing why Abby is a little wary about her private psychotherapy clients discovering Sisters Cracking Up.