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Sisters Cracking Up

Oct 21, 2022

Are you Shaman-curious? Does the idea that there's more to the Universe than what you can see, feel, and touch intrigue you? 

In the spirit of opening our minds (and yours!), we invited Shaman Brad Little Frog to be our guest on Sisters Cracking Up.

Join us as we delve into how a shaman can help heal your mind, spirit, body -- and even help you sell your house -- as Abby found out when she worked with Brad Little Frog to sell hers. The house was sold -- and so was she!

Little Frog talks about life after death and what it really means, what we're put on this Earth to do, and how we can connect with the two angels who are assigned to each of us in our lifetimes.

Intrigued? We thought so.

Brad Little Frog is a well known shaman, healer, teacher, and life coach based in the greater Boston area. Little Frog works with clients all over the world to heal them and remove malevolent attachments. He is also the published author of three books about depossession, vision quests, and the true nature of our Universe -- all available on Amazon.  His specialties are depossession and house clearing. He can be reached at or on his website

Abby and Julie discuss decluttering in the wake of their mom's passing, buying sequined leggings, and how their days of wearing fancy clothes seem to have disappeared into thin air.