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Sisters Cracking Up

Apr 26, 2022

Gary Janetti, comedy genius and royalty, joins us to talk about his new book, Start Without Me: I'll Be There in a Minute. 

You already know and love Gary Janetti from his work on Family Guy, The Prince, and Will & Grace. Now, you'll get to know and love the person behind the laughs as he shares what and who inspires him -- and his thoughts on commencement speeches, tanning, and fame.

Sisters Cracking Up hosts Abby Rodman and Julie Howard talk with Gary about his comedy roots, inspirations, and the people most important to him. We even got him to read some selections from his new book.

Gary has nearly a million followers on Instagram for good reason -- and we grill him on that, too!

Gary Janetti is a four-time Emmy nominated writer and producer who is the
showrunner and creator of HBOMax's The Prince. He got his start writing on several network series before joining Fox’s Family Guy where he was on the original writing staff and went on to pen many
memorable episodes featuring Brian and Stewie. He then wrote on NBC’s Will & Grace, where he rose to executive producer and showrunner.

His popular Instagram account of over 900k followers has been featured and praised in such publications as the New York Times, People and Vanity Fair. Janetti’s first book, Do You Mind If I Cancel? became an instant New York Times bestseller. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband, TV personality and fashion expert Brad Goreski.